How to buy sim free iPhone

If you need new iPhone, I recommend to buy it by Apple official store.
If you want used one, you can buy Ec sites or Real stores.
Then you have to ask the clerks “Is that Sim free?”
(Korewa Shimu Furi~ Desuka?) ”


1. Apple official store
2. EC site (, etc)
eg) iPhone6  New: 52,000JPY~
iPhone6 Used: 30,000JPY~
3. Real store (Janpara(じゃんぱら)Dospara(ドスパラ), etc)
4.Unlock at the carrier
If you already have a smartphone which is bought at carriers,
you can ask the carriers to unlock your smartphone.
*Fee: 3,000JPY

If you have any questions, notice incorrect information or English,
please don’t hesitate to tell me below.