Web app for sorting rubbish KOBE

A new web application was released on 22nd Jul 2016 by Kobe city.

*How to sort rubbish refer here.

Name 5374 (Gominashi)
Functions 1. Search for collection days on your location.
2. Search for the sorting way about rubbish.
URLs Englishhttp://5374.opendatalab.org/index_en.html



Tiếng Việthttp://5374.opendatalab.org/index_vi.html




Rules for sorting and putting out rubbish in Kobe City

Use designated bag only
(Super markets, Drag stores, Convenience stores sell them)

  • There are 4 kinds of bags in Kobe City.
Burnable rubbish Non-burnable rubbish
Burnable rubbish bag Non-burnable rubbish bag
Container plastics and tray Cans, bottles, pet bottles
Container plastics and tray bag Cans, bottles, pet bottles bag


  • Rubbish disposal rules
Rubbish disposal rules1_kobe Rubbish disposal rules2_kobe


Put out rubbish between 5am and 8am on collection days at your local “clean station”.

  • It depends on your location about when, where and what you can put out rubbish.
  • Ask your neighbors or apartment owner about that.


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